Video Marketing

So you’ve got some great videos! Now what? Now that you’ve had some great videos produced to promote your business, it’s good to know that we’re on board to help you get the most from them. Right from the offset, we’ll be on-team to help you get the maximum impact from your videos, providing excellent video marketing advice from the moment we start talking about your video brief.

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Our video marketing support will cover topics such as:

  • The videos themselves.  How do we maximise the impact of your video, ensuring that it delivers the perfect message and motivates your viewer to do what you would like them to do next.  This could be anything from picking up the phone and calling your business with an enquiry, making a direct purchase of your product online, sending you an email, sharing your video content or linking to the web page on which your video is situated.
  • Using your videos to improve search engine positions.  We know exactly how to use video to reduce bounce rates, improve click through rates and encourage your visitors to explore your website.  All these things serve to dramatically improve rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!.
  • Link building.  Awesome video content is an excellent way to encourage other website administrators and internet marketers to link to your content.  Building links naturally in this way is an ethical and realistic way to build links to your website from other relevant sources.  Perfect for building your websites credibility and improving Google rankings.
  • Social media growth.  Video is the most effective way to grow your social media audiences.  We’ll be able to help you perfectly position the content of your videos to encourage social interaction.  We can also help you build rapport, trust and strengthen your brand with your social audience.