Video Graphics and Animations

Stunning video graphics and animations to really make your video stand out. We’re not under any illusions, it’s the human led content of your video that is going to have the impact. People connect with and buy from people, so it’s always going to be the human beings in-front of the camera that make your video great.

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However, some of our clients just love that added graphical element in their videos, and if you’re one of those types, we can design graphics and animations to help make your video fit with your brief.

For example, you might like to open your video with an animated 3d logo, or have a section of your video in a cartoon style? Whatever it is that you would like for your video, graphically we have the skills and equipment to design exactly what you are looking for. We’ll do everything we can to make sure that any graphical video content is fully in-line with your brand, creating a solid, well branded video that delivers precisely what you need.

Typical graphical video content includes animated logos, cartoon sections, animated video transitions, animated textual content, animated subject titles to introduce interviewees for example, and much more. Whatever you need for your video, just let us know and we’ll try our hardest to deliver.