With over 10 years hands on experience in the digital marketing industry, and with an incredibly keen interest in all things creative, John is our digital marketing director and knows exactly how to use video to grow businesses online!

Prior to working with Oh! Video Ltd, John has previously built numerous successful online businesses ranging from digital marketing agencies to online retail. John has the ability to treat any project as if it was his own, taking his real life digital marketing experiences and putting them towards helping our clients grow.

John’s digital and video marketing experience is absolutely invaluable both to our clients and to ourselves. With the vast majority of the work we do these days being for inclusion on digital platforms such as websites and social media, John’s internet marketing know-how really sets Oh! Video aside from our competitors.

Brian loves to get hands on with emerging video technology. As we write this, Brian is tinkering around in our production studio with 360 degree video technology and VR (Virtual Reality).

Brian’s key role at Oh! Video is to test drive new video technology and consider practical applications which will add value to our clients video marketing strategies. Sounds like a lot of fun, but there’s a whole load of technical knowledge required for what Brian does, and he’s incredibly good at all things technical.

Patrick is our Managing Director, but really he’s even more than that! Patrick is our most skilled videographer with years of experience in the production of corporate videos, short film, music videos and some, frankly, bizarre and obscure productions as personal video projects.

Patrick oversees everything from initial communication with clients, to discussing client briefs, arranging filming schedules, directing video shoots and pre and post production.

Regardless of the video production project that we are faced with, Patrick will undoubtably have the ideas, the skills and resources to create a breath-taking production.