Promotional Video Production

Short promotional videos are what we do most. For any business, small, medium sized or large, short promotional videos are an essential marketing tool which will help you add depth to your marketing efforts. Whether your promotional video is for use on your website homepage, social media platforms, email campaigns or as a hard copy to be mailed to your clients, the marketing power of a short promotional vid is not to be under-estimated!

Countless benefits, not just to your website, but to your business as a whole.

We’ve been told time and time again by our clients that their promotional videos have added countless benefits, not just to their websites, but to their business as a whole. Short promotional videos can convert visitors into leads and enquiries by effectively delivering your message, building trust and allowing your viewer to connect with your business as one run by human beings, rather than just a fancy website.

Promotional videos can also improve your Google rankings by lowering bounce rate, encouraging your visitor to stick around on your website and by demonstrating great content to search engines. Video can also encourage links and shares across your visitors social networks.

Will a short promo video break the bank?

A short promotional video doesn’t cost the earth, can be produced in very little time and be ready to use quite often within the week. Such a small investment both in terms of money and time can add log lasting and measurable benefits to any business.

If you’re considering growing your business via the use of promotional videos Manchester based Oh! Video Ltd really are a great choice. We’re friendly, down to earth, creative and experienced in directing video shoots, editing video and employing proven digital marketing strategies. Take a look at our promotional video showreel and give us a call to talk with us about how short promotional videos can help your organisation today.