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So what do we charge for our video production services?

Every video we produce is different so our prices vary depending on the video project. The best first step is to give us a quick call for a chat about what you have in mind for your unique video production, we’ll be able to give you an accurate quotation for your video project. As a guide though, we can tell you that for short video of approximately 3 minutes, where we have been filming at your premises for half a day or so, a typical price to keep in mind is around £899 + VAT. This would include half a day filming at your location, editing your 3 minute video, one set of video amendments to meet your requirements, and copyright free music.

Advice on digital and video marketing is always free of charge from the moment you make first contact with us. We’re excellent at digital and video marketing and we want nothing more than to see your business grow as a result of working with us here at Oh! Video Ltd. We treat every video production project as if it was our own, and a valuable extension of our video showreel portfolio.

We’ve published this information as a helpful guide only. Please do have a chat with us first before budgeting for your video. In most cases our clients find that our exceptional video services costs much less than they had anticipated. One thing that we can be sure of is that the value that one of our videos will add to your business will outweigh the cost of investment by a long shot! So much so that we’re sure you’ll work with us more than once during the lifetime of your super duper business! So give us a call today!