During the entire filming and photography process, we’ll make sure you know what is going on and how your vision is being realised.

We have years of experience in directing, organising and arranging film and video shoots. Leave everything with us, we’ll guide you effortlessly overstep of the way.

After receiving your brief, we’ll work with you to create a script and filming schedule and plan to suit you. We’ll handle location scouting, permissions and logistics, finding the best talent in front and behind the camera and hiring of equipment, props, and wardrobe.

Our shoots are always filmed in high definition and with the best possible sound quality. The director and producer make sure that everything is run efficiently and cost-effectively, which means running the filming crew, make-up and wardrobe people, the actors – and of course food and water for everyone! Our professional crew handles the lighting so you know the look of the finished product is expertly handled. Most importantly, for your budget, we make sure that everything is done to schedule – over-running is expensive and unnecessary when a shoot is run properly.

Our in-house editors and sound experts will handle all of the visuals and sounds to create a visually stunning presentation. We also provide full graphical information and soundtrack services if required and edited to make sure all the information is presented accurately and well. We also deliver the final piece in various web formats for your convenience.

As soon as final payment is received… it’s all yours! We guarantee you’ll be delighted with the final product and you’ll soon see results from including it in your marketing strategy and online platform.