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    Category Archives: Video Tips and Tutorials

    How video can help you hit your digital goals

    video tips

    Now that digital media is by far the most used and most effective platform on which to promote your business, it can often seem like an uphill struggle to reach your digital potential.  From improving your natural exposure on search engines, to growing your social audiences, and from converting more online sales to increasing customer […]

    How to film and edit marketing videos (Pre-production)

    filming in manchester

    As the obvious importance of video in marketing becomes more and more apparent, lots of marketing professionals are turning to video to enhance their marketing efforts. Embracing video is not as straight forward as people think though. When you start to consider the huge amount of camera equipment choices, editing solutions on the market, the […]

    Growing your social audiences with Video

    video competitions

    We’re pretty sure that by now we’re all aware of the marketing potential of social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  With millions of active daily users, your prospects are already there and ready to communicate with. If you’re in business, you’ve probably already got yourself a Facebook page and Twitter account and you […]

    How to get a natural video testimonial

    video interview techniques

    It’s a bit of a trick of the trade, and we sincerely hope that none of our future video interviewees are reading this, but there’s a very simple method in getting the perfect, natural video interview, testimonial or opening statement from a client. It may well be one of the first things you learn at […]

    Give away your trade secrets on video. Huh?

    give away your secrets on video

    A long, long time ago in a business community far away, it was common practice to keep your trade secrets and “tricks of the trade” a well kept secret.  Being the proud owner of insider knowledge meant that you could out-perform the competition and lead the way in your industry. Nowadays though, things are much, […]

    4 reasons why you should have video on your website

    should i have video on my website

    So, you already have a great responsive and user friendly website which ranks number 1 on Google? That’s great! And you’re already growing your web presence via your blog, and you’re making great progress growing your social network audiences? Well done you! So, do you even need video? Here’s 4 reasons why you should have […]