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    Category Archives: Video Tips and Tutorials

    Promotional Video Ideas

    Promotional Video Ideas

    Video is one of the most efficient tools in the marketer’s tool shed. It can be used to advertise, promote, engage with, discuss and inform your audience and potential consumers. This is a great way to gain exposure and publicity with potentially very little costs. Here at Oh Video we pride ourselves on our promotional […]

    Top Time Lapse Tips

    time lapse video tips

    We love a good time lapse. So does everybody, and its amazing how common they have become in film and media. They will be used to demonstrate the passage of time and the physical changes that occur during that period which can be quite breathtaking. The time and effort that goes into creating a successful […]

    Using Video to Sell!

    using video to sell

    Persuading people to buy into your idea or product isn’t easy, unless you’re the next Steve Jobs. However, if you can utilise video, you are much more likely to succeed. Video is a captivating media that can draw viewers in and dominates most of the social media platforms. In terms of marketing, there really is […]

    Video Production Tips for Smartphones

    smartphone video production tips

    With the majority of people accessing YouTube and Facebook videos through their smartphone it is clear that video marketing, if it is to make good use of these platforms, needs to ensure that the video production takes into consideration the unique aspects of smartphone technology. Smartphone video content has its own benefits, as well as […]

    Things to remember in videography

    product video shoot in Manchester

    The Specialist If videography is your goal then you are about to learn how to do everything. You will likely have to work on studio shoots, in the great outdoors and to specifications that can stretch you as a creative and professional. You are often responsible for the filmmaking process in its entirety solely responsible […]

    Distributing your content on multiple channels – A Few Tips!

    video production process

    Communication is the key to anything, especially when you want to relate to your audience in a way that can only be done through the medium of video. A great way to do this is through something called multi-channel marketing which essentially means that you can communicate clearly through a number of marketing channels whether you […]

    Top 5 Websites to increase video exposure

    video on social platforms

    Creating a video is hard work, and what’s the point in people not seeing it after everything you’ve into it? You want your video to conquer all, and below are 5 websites to make sure that your video gets all the exposure it needs in order to grow. 1.Your own website This is vital. You […]

    Pre-Production Planning – A 5 Step Guide

    video content is king

    Pre-production is the heart of your video, it’s everything you need to do before you even think about picking up your camera. Below is a quick guide to help to create a successful video in any area of business. 1.Explain your objective What is it that you want to achieve? What exactly do you want […]

    5 Ways to keep your Video Production Costs on the Lowdown

    video production costs

    Creating a video means a lot of expenditures, and if you’re a newbie who doesn’t have a lot of money to spare, these quick sure fire reasons will help to keep your production costs well within your budget. 1. Plan your content beforehand Planning is essential when it comes to creating your shoot, you should […]