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Category Archives: Video Production

Disadvantages of DIY commercial video content

Video content can be used by commercial businesses for a variety of purposes, including advertisements and marketing, as well as customer reviews and informative pieces of content. And these can be used for either social media platforms, your website landing page, product/service pages, or even your YouTube channel. Video has grown in popularity because of […]

Common video production mistakes

oh video production Manchester in action

Creating high quality video content is a key aim for many businesses and companies that want to expand their audience reach and offer products and services online. Video can help establish trust, build a brand identity and engage with your audience too. But to do this well, your video needs to be top quality, and […]

Do’s and dont’s of social media video production

Using Data to Influence Video Marketing

If your company or business is wanting to reach out or increase social media marketing, producing high quality video content can be a great option. Not only does video content attract up to 100% more attention than an image and text combined, but this also provides a great opportunity for you to really show off […]

Using explainer videos as part of your digital marketing

video shoot in progress in Manchester

One of the most popular video options for any size business is the explainer video. So what is an explainer video? And how can using explainer videos as part of your digital marketing sales? Well, here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing specialists. And we have the tools and […]

Tips for effective corporate videos

Creating an effective video, that secures real results, can be a challenge. And corporate video is no exception. In a world where digital and video content is everywhere, including video ads, within other videos, it has harder than ever to really catch the attention of your audience. And for corporate video content, where the content […]

How important is a storyboard for your corporate video?

promotional video for the university of Bolton

Creating great content for your audience can be a helpful tool for any business, in any industry sector. And video content is the type of content that draws the most attention, and has the most success. But for any corporate video, effective planning is an essential part of the production process, and this can differ […]

Commercial video caption mistakes

guide to the video production process

When producing a video for your company or business, its important to consider the platform, and the needs of the audience. In recent years, many consumers have adapted to watching video content silently. And this is certainly something to take into consideration during the planning and production process. But if you are producing a silent […]

Re-purposing video content for video marketing success

Oh Video Production Manchester

Producing new video content frequently is undoubtedly the best way to get the attention of your audience and increase sales or sign ups. But for many SMBs this is not a practical business step, as generating new video content on a regular basis can be a challenge in terms of time, and money. That’s why […]

Should you use music in your video content?

video tips

With the rise of silent video, one thing is still unclear: the role of music. In the era of producing video content produced to be watched without sound, why would you include music? Well, adding music to your video content could be a good idea, and could help to create epic video content. But how […]