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    Category Archives: Video Location

    Should you consider producing outdoor video content?

    video location

    Creating high quality, professional video content to promote your products or services, or to build a brand identity, is a great option for any business large or small. Video content is the most engaging form of digital content, that always results in more interaction from the audience, and increases the conversions for sales and sign […]

    Important considerations for filming locations

    oh video production Manchester in action

    When creating a new video for your company, you need everything to be perfect. From the script, with a clear message, to the budget and timing, there are a lot of things to consider. But choosing a filming location is one of the most important choices you will need to make. From inside a professional […]

    Why is the location of your company video important?

    Producing a high quality company video can be a great way to improve your advertising and increase the potential of your company. Video marketing is something that many of your potential customers will expect, and video content on your website, and your social media, can improve your sales or sign ups. But making sure your […]

    Video location

    video location

    Choosing a location to set your video is a vital part of your planning process. A bad location can cause issues with audio clarity and visual distraction as well as creating difficulty understanding and extracting the overall message of the video. Any video you create reflects your company itself and as a result, video marketing […]