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Category Archives: Video Adverts

Key features of effective video advertising

Video advertising has become a key way for companies to grow their business online, and reach a wider audience. With the option for video advertisements on popular social media platforms, as well as YouTube, and sold advertising space on other website, online video advertising has never been more popular. But how can you make sure […]

Video advertising mistakes that small businesses make

effective video thumbnails

When it comes to video advertising, it is often thought to be the answer to most of your marketing issues. A good video advert can drive traffic to your website, help to generate sales, and increase brand reputation and visibility all at the same time. But unfortunately, many business owners think that these benefits apply […]

How to make the most of a video advertisement

video produced in Manchester City centre

Video advertisements are used constantly from our television sets to our social media platforms, our smartphones and our video content, stream billions of videos a day that are specifically created to sell a product. How can you make sure your company stands out amongst this sea of white noise? How can you make people want […]