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    Category Archives: General Blog

    3 reasons why a short promotional video could be your best investment this year

    how to change your youtube thumbnail

    If you’re in business (and serious) you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time getting your digital marketing in reasonable shape.  You’ll have your website looking good (probably with a few headaches along the way) and you’ll have a couple of social business profiles set up.  Well done! So now what?  How do you take […]

    5 Reasons why you need a Website Video!

    product video shoot

    You may already know this, but video is one of the most effective tools available – and it’s affordable enough for your business to take full advantage of. Every day, more and more companies are adding videos to their websites and are rolling in the benefits that video has to offer. The benefits range from increasing sales […]

    Company Video Production

    producing video at our Manchester studio

    Company video production has never been in higher demand than it is right now!  With the vast majority of businesses marketing efforts being online and digital, company video production is an effective and crucial way to help deliver your message, encourage sales and grow your business. We’re Oh! Video Ltd! Manchester’s favourite company video production […]

    Your company doesn’t have a promotional video – get on that!

    manchester video backdrops

    So, you’ve set up your website, included all the right information, you’ve even added a few pictures to make it more appealing. But there’s still something missing you can’t quite put your finger on. That our friends, would be your promotional video. And what does that do exactly, well; exactly what it says on the […]