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Category Archives: Animated Video

How can small businesses use animated video content?

Animated video content offers small businesses a different approach to producing and creating company videos. From Facebook and social media videos, to landing page website videos, animated video can be used to fit all manner of gaps. And as a result, an increasing number of companies are choosing to use animated video content. Here at […]

Advantages of animated explainer videos

video graphics

Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing professionals. From social media video content, to corporate training videos, we can produce any type of video content your business needs. And we work with companies and businesses across Manchester, and the North West, to do just that. One of the most […]

Advantages of animated commercial video content

Animated video content is becoming more widespread and popular. From Facebook advertising, to banner advertisements, companies and businesses are opting for animated video content. But why is animation growing in popularity? And can it really help businesses succeed? Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester based video production and marketing experts. As a result, we […]

Using animated video content

tips for vertical video production

Popular and timeless, animated video has a range of benefits and uses. However, it can be complicated if you aren’t a professional. Luckily, we at Oh Video have produced this guide to all you need to know about using animated video content. Animated logo Effects Throughout your video, you may choose to display your company […]

Animated Video

animated video

Using animated video content for your video marketing is a clever way to make a potentially dull, explainer video more interesting, but it is also great for sidebar advertisements and showing off your company’s creative spirit. We know that connecting with the audience is ultimately through human interaction, which generally means showing a human on […]