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Category Archives: 360 Degree Video

What are 360 Degree Videos and how do they benefit you?

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It has been proven that people who incorporate 360 degree videos on their site will benefit 66% more of their audience, and this is due to them being able to interact with them. It also generates a lot of feedback and one study has found that the videos produce twice as many conversions, with purchases […]

360 degree videos for marketing

virtual reality in video

Becoming ever more popular, the 360 degree video craze is taking video marketing to the next level. Many companies such as Hilton, Rolls Royce and Formula E are using 360 degree videos to sell products, engage with viewers and maximize the video potential. However, it is not all plain sailing. Here are some tips to […]

Editing 360 degree videos

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With the use of 360 degree videos, video editing becomes a lot more complicated. This makes sense when you think that ultimately you have multiple videos (each camera direction) and you need to stitch them together seamlessly to create a fully immersive experience for the user. There are two common methods for video editing a […]

Immersive, user controlled video media

360 degree video

Recording the real world panorama by filming in every direction at the same time, often using an omnidirectional camera or multiple cameras, is a step towards immersive, user controlled video media. With the introduction of 360 videos on youtube and more recently facebook 360 supporting such videos, other social media is guaranteed to be following […]

Benefits of using 360 Degree Videos

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Technology is booming in today’s society, we remember the first time we used a 360-Degree Video and it was the “swim with dolphins” one on Facebook, and that was a different experience altogether. It was something we could immerse ourselves in and enjoy it as if we were actually doing it. Now, imagine you could incorporate this […]

3 ways 360-degree cameras have revolutionised video production

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If there is a video trend you want to get on board with it’s 360-degree video. 360-degree cameras have been around for a while but it wasn’t until recently that they really gained popularity on the internet. Many major video platforms have added 360-degree functionality, allowing the viewer to look at whichever section of the […]