Video marketing with social media

facts about online video marketing

Producing high quality, professional images and videos is a great way to showcase your company, services and products. Allowing your business to grow. But knowing how to use these videos effectively, to market your company to your intended target audience, is also essential. From YouTube channels, and landing page video content, to social media, your […]

Using drone video content for video marketing

aerial drone video production

Consumers are faced with thousands of marketing efforts on a daily basis. From social media platforms to newspapers, billboards and Television, marketing and advertising is a huge industry. So how can your business or company compare? And how can you attract the attention of potential customers, in a digital landscape saturated with marketing efforts? Well, […]

Video content for email marketing

video marketing

Video content can be a huge advantage for your business. And can really give your company the edge over competitors. Especially if your opt for professional video footage, and professional help. From in house training videos, to video content on your website and social media, the options are endless. And video is becoming increasingly common […]

Building connections through video content

For any business or brand, regardless of size, reaching out and forging connections with customers is an important way to grow your business. But it can be challenging to build these connections through digital media, as you don’t have the same interactions you would if you were face to face.  And this can also be […]

Advantages of video marketing for small businesses

facts about online video marketing

If your small or local business is looking to succeed online, there are a number of methods you can use to increase your chances of success. From optimizing your website for search engines, to building a social media empire, your brand can increase it’s visibility. And video marketing can play an important role in any […]

Advantages of video storytelling

Using video for storytelling can be incredibly beneficial for your business. In the current climate of persistent advertising, where video content is pretty much everywhere digitally, it can be impossible for brands and companies to stand out. And do something different. But video storytelling can be the perfect option. And here at Oh Video, we […]

Using live video to grow your business

facebook live video streaming

Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video marketing and video production experts. We work with a range of companies and businesses to produce top quality corporate and commercial video content that can help to push your business further. But many of the videos watched online, are now watched on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and […]

Producing commercial video content for Facebook

Using Data to Influence Video Marketing

As one of the largest social media giants around, Facebook is a fantastic resource for companies and businesses looking to grow their audience and reach new people. And one of the best ways to do that is through professional video content. In fact, Facebook receives more than 8 billion daily video views! Which makes it […]