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    Three ways in which your business can benefit from video

    should i have video on my website

    With the surge of companies expanding their online visibility, many are turning to the medium of video to stand out from the crowd. Getting this right can work wonders for a company’s marketing presence. Here at Oh! Video, we’ve identified three key ways in which the right video content, made professionally, can have a beneficial […]

    How to get a natural video testimonial

    video interview techniques

    It’s a bit of a trick of the trade, and we sincerely hope that none of our future video interviewees are reading this, but there’s a very simple method in getting the perfect, natural video interview, testimonial or opening statement from a client. It may well be one of the first things you learn at […]

    An excellent shoot with Creative Space

    video production project for creative space

    This Saturday we had an excellent video shoot here in Manchester with our new clients at Creative Space. Creative Space are a Manchester based construction company and they have a requirement for a short promotional video which they’ll be using on their website and social platforms. The video will consist of stylish footage of the […]

    Manchester Video Production Company – Oh! Video Ltd

    manchester video production company, Oh! Video in action

    There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to Manchester video production companies, but here’s why Oh! Video production Manchester is probably your best bet… There’s more to successful video production than just a pretty video! If you are considering video as part of your overall marketing efforts, you’re making a great decision. Video is […]

    Give away your trade secrets on video. Huh?

    give away your secrets on video

    A long, long time ago in a business community far away, it was common practice to keep your trade secrets and “tricks of the trade” a well kept secret.  Being the proud owner of insider knowledge meant that you could out-perform the competition and lead the way in your industry. Nowadays though, things are much, […]