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    Iconic Manchester video backdrops

    manchester video backdrops

    Producing video out of the iconic city of Manchester really does have its perks.  Not only does it mean that we get the opportunity to work with like minded Manchester businesses, but it also means that we have a ready-to-shoot array of monumental, iconic Manchester venues and landmarks as awesome video locations and backdrops. From the […]

    Why video content is the perfect addition to your social media marketing strategy

    video on social platforms

    When marketing managers think of video content, they’re probably going to think YouTube or perhaps or at a push, Vimeo. But video has become one of the most promising and rewarding content formats across all social media channels, with more and more companies leveraging video content to increase brand awareness, engage with their consumers and […]

    Review by Dyslexia Centre

    video production review

    “I don’t often write reviews or testimonials, but after the fantastic service that we received from Oh! Video, it seems hard not to! “We originally contacted John, Patrick and Brian after they were recommended to us as skilled website designers and we needed a revamp of our website. After initial discussions it became apparent that […]

    Content is King!

    video content is king

    We’ve been astounded by the sheer number of phone calls, emails and enquiries that we’ve had this month via our website. From global marketeers asking us about branded 360 degree video production, to budding film makers looking for  rewarding careers, we’ve been chit-chatting away all month about the wonderful world of video! But why have […]

    Gearing up for tomorrow’s video shoot

    short promotional video

    Today we’re busy getting our kit together for a video shoot with The Dyslexia Centre here in the North West tomorrow.  The Dyslexia Centre provide learning services for adults and children and have a requirement for a short promotional video for their website. Everything is just about good to go.  We’ll be visiting the centre […]

    Repeat business RULES! (and says it all we think…)

    stockport near Manchester

    We’re humbled!  And very grateful too as this week we’ve been lucky enough to take some fairly large video production orders from existing clients.  Thanks a million Gang! You might think that having a video produced for your business is a one off, or rare occurrence at best – but once you’ve experienced the power […]