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    Oh! Video see Massive Attack at Manchester Apollo

    massive attack at Manchester's apollo theater

    Nothing to do with video production really, but we thought we’d share with you the Oh! Video team outing to see Massive Attack at the Manchester Apollo Theatre. The theatre was noticeably filled with anticipation as fans of the band trickled in, and when supporting band, Young Fathers kicked things off with pounding bass drums […]

    3 ways 360-degree cameras have revolutionised video production

    360 degree video

    If there is a video trend you want to get on board with it’s 360-degree video. 360-degree cameras have been around for a while but it wasn’t until recently that they really gained popularity on the internet. Many major video platforms have added 360-degree functionality, allowing the viewer to look at whichever section of the […]

    How to film and edit marketing videos (Pre-production)

    filming in manchester

    As the obvious importance of video in marketing becomes more and more apparent, lots of marketing professionals are turning to video to enhance their marketing efforts. Embracing video is not as straight forward as people think though. When you start to consider the huge amount of camera equipment choices, editing solutions on the market, the […]

    15 minutes of (SEO) fame!

    seo fame through video

    Everywhere you look it’s all about SEO! “Improve your SEO!”…“SEO for Beginners!”…“SEO 101.” Search engine optimisation is all about driving traffic to your website and making the most of your content marketing message. And while it definitely boosts where your website appears in search results, giving you a higher site ranking, there has been a […]

    Growing your social audiences with Video

    video competitions

    We’re pretty sure that by now we’re all aware of the marketing potential of social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  With millions of active daily users, your prospects are already there and ready to communicate with. If you’re in business, you’ve probably already got yourself a Facebook page and Twitter account and you […]