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    Distributing your content on multiple channels – A Few Tips!

    video production process

    Communication is the key to anything, especially when you want to relate to your audience in a way that can only be done through the medium of video. A great way to do this is through something called multi-channel marketing which essentially means that you can communicate clearly through a number of marketing channels whether you […]

    Benefits of using 360 Degree Videos

    benefits of 360

    Technology is booming in today’s society, we remember the first time we used a 360-Degree Video and it was the “swim with dolphins” one on Facebook, and that was a different experience altogether. It was something we could immerse ourselves in and enjoy it as if we were actually doing it. Now, imagine you could incorporate this […]

    Your company doesn’t have a promotional video – get on that!

    manchester video backdrops

    So, you’ve set up your website, included all the right information, you’ve even added a few pictures to make it more appealing. But there’s still something missing you can’t quite put your finger on. That our friends, would be your promotional video. And what does that do exactly, well; exactly what it says on the […]