Hard captions and soft captions for your company video

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When it comes to creating high quality, effective video content, we are Manchester’s leading experts, here at Oh Video. Not only do we produce stunning professional quality video content for companies and businesses, but we are also video marketing specialists too. After all, there’s not much point in a stunning video that no customers ever […]

Producing high quality testimonial video content

One of the most powerful and persuasive pieces of video content you can add to your website, or your social media presence, is a testimonial video. Told in the customers own words, a testimonial video gives satisfied customers a chance to express exactly what they loved about your products or services, and why they would […]

Advantages of animated explainer videos

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Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing professionals. From social media video content, to corporate training videos, we can produce any type of video content your business needs. And we work with companies and businesses across Manchester, and the North West, to do just that. One of the most […]

Boosting online sales with video marketing

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If your company or business is taking your online presence and website seriously, you might be thinking about investing in video production and video marketing. And this can be a huge bonus for your company. And your sales. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing experts. And we work […]

Popular video content options for small businesses

When it comes to creating quality video content, there are a range of options available for small businesses. The different options will suit different businesses, with different target audiences and different goals. And choosing between the different options can be a challenge. But here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video […]

Storytelling: A video pre-production checklist

When it comes to video production, and video marketing, we are Manchester’s leading experts, here at Oh Video. And we work with companies and clients from across the North, from Leeds and Sheffield, to Stockport and Manchester to provide high quality, effective video marketing and video production solutions. This includes video storytelling. But what is […]

Video marketing with social media

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Producing high quality, professional images and videos is a great way to showcase your company, services and products. Allowing your business to grow. But knowing how to use these videos effectively, to market your company to your intended target audience, is also essential. From YouTube channels, and landing page video content, to social media, your […]

Using drone video content for video marketing

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Consumers are faced with thousands of marketing efforts on a daily basis. From social media platforms to newspapers, billboards and Television, marketing and advertising is a huge industry. So how can your business or company compare? And how can you attract the attention of potential customers, in a digital landscape saturated with marketing efforts? Well, […]

Video content for email marketing

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Video content can be a huge advantage for your business. And can really give your company the edge over competitors. Especially if your opt for professional video footage, and professional help. From in house training videos, to video content on your website and social media, the options are endless. And video is becoming increasingly common […]