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    Using Video to Sell!

    using video to sell

    Persuading people to buy into your idea or product isn’t easy, unless you’re the next Steve Jobs. However, if you can utilise video, you are much more likely to succeed. Video is a captivating media that can draw viewers in and dominates most of the social media platforms. In terms of marketing, there really is […]

    Video Production Tips for Smartphones

    smartphone video production tips

    With the majority of people accessing YouTube and Facebook videos through their smartphone it is clear that video marketing, if it is to make good use of these platforms, needs to ensure that the video production takes into consideration the unique aspects of smartphone technology. Smartphone video content has its own benefits, as well as […]

    Facebook’s all video future?

    all video facebook

    Year on year Facebook has witnessed a decline in text and an increase in communication via pictures and video. The trend towards the visual has led Facebook executive Nicola Mendelsohn to predict the future of Facebook as video only. This shift towards video has been coming for some time, although the speed of progression has […]

    Video Marketing and Social Media

    video production and marketing

    Promoting your company or business can mean different things across the target demographics, but the use of video as a tool to engage, inform, entertain or interact with your potential customers or clients is an effective way to appeal to the masses. Having said that, when 18-35 year old’s spend an ever increasing amount of […]

    3 reasons why a short promotional video could be your best investment this year

    how to change your youtube thumbnail

    If you’re in business (and serious) you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time getting your digital marketing in reasonable shape.  You’ll have your website looking good (probably with a few headaches along the way) and you’ll have a couple of social business profiles set up.  Well done! So now what?  How do you take […]

    What are 360 Degree Videos and how do they benefit you?

    whats new at oh video production

    It has been proven that people who incorporate 360 degree videos on their site will benefit 66% more of their audience, and this is due to them being able to interact with them. It also generates a lot of feedback and one study has found that the videos produce twice as many conversions, with purchases […]