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    Why will people watch your videos?

    all video facebook

    With over one billion independent and unique videos viewed on Youtube each month, and social media giants like Facebook and Snapchat moving to focus on more video content, just why is video becoming so popular? Well, one reason is that in this modern era we have information overload and it is much easier for us […]

    Your guide to interactive video content

    interactive video content

    Engaging with viewers and potential consumers is at the centre of any video marketing strategy, but standing out from the crowd may be easier than you think. A good story line, a suitable platform hosting your video, and a clear call to action will make your video a strong contender for success. An interactive video, […]

    How to double your video success

    video in email

    Video marketing is one of the fastest growing and most innovative areas of the technological marketing sector. Almost everyone has video content as part of their online strategy, but video is not a magic bean that will automatically improve your sign ups, build your following or promote sales. Here at Oh Video we are known […]

    What is Facebook Live-Streaming?

    facebook live video streaming

    The latest Facebook craze is live-streaming. This is exactly what it sounds like: people shooting video footage that is directly uploaded onto Facebook while it is captured. Many businesses and companies have found that this is a great way to use video marketing with social media, and allow a level of direct access for consumers […]

    Promotional Video Ideas

    Promotional Video Ideas

    Video is one of the most efficient tools in the marketer’s tool shed. It can be used to advertise, promote, engage with, discuss and inform your audience and potential consumers. This is a great way to gain exposure and publicity with potentially very little costs. Here at Oh Video we pride ourselves on our promotional […]

    Animated Video

    animated video

    Using animated video content for your video marketing is a clever way to make a potentially dull, explainer video more interesting, but it is also great for sidebar advertisements and showing off your company’s creative spirit. We know that connecting with the audience is ultimately through human interaction, which generally means showing a human on […]