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    How to use Instagram stories for successful video marketing

    Instagram stories are an updated Instagram feature. Similar to Snapchat stories, they allow users to upload video and photo content to one album in a slideshow like format which can only be accessed for 24hrs. After this time the content disappears. Savvy video marketers will already spot the potential of this feature for pushing your […]

    Top three promotional video mistakes

    filming in manchester

    Video production and video marketing are our areas of expertise here at Oh Video. From planning to creation, editing to final upload, we will take care of your company’s video needs. With our years of experience and our professional know-how, we can ensure quality at all stages of your video marketing strategy. But some people […]

    Tips to improve your video quality

    video production quality tips

    High quality video is essential for marketing your brand and company, and creating video content worth watching is a key part of any video marketer’s strategy. With video content available as part of most company websites or social media pages, how do you make sure your video content is worthwhile and appealing? Here at Oh […]

    Why use a video producer?

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    Increasing in importance, video content is a key part of any online marketing strategy. But not all video is good video. Many videos fade into the background noise of social media and the message you are trying to present gets lost or muddled without clear content and a focused approach. A video producer’s role is […]

    How to get the most out of video marketing

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    With video content as well as video consumption ever increasing, the need for video marketing has never been stronger. Video content promoted on the right platform for the chosen demographic, with a good story line and great presentation can really benefit your company or business by promoting an awareness of your brand, product or service. […]