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Key features of effective video advertising

Video advertising has become a key way for companies to grow their business online, and reach a wider audience. With the option for video advertisements on popular social media platforms, as well as YouTube, and sold advertising space on other website, online video advertising has never been more popular. But how can you make sure […]

Key features of an effective explainer video

There are a number of different types of video content that your company could produce for social media platforms, YouTube, or even the website itself. And each of these different types of content, serves a specific purpose, or meets a specific requirement for your audience. An explainer video is one of the most popular options, […]

Disadvantages of DIY commercial video content

Video content can be used by commercial businesses for a variety of purposes, including advertisements and marketing, as well as customer reviews and informative pieces of content. And these can be used for either social media platforms, your website landing page, product/service pages, or even your YouTube channel. Video has grown in popularity because of […]

Common video production mistakes

oh video production Manchester in action

Creating high quality video content is a key aim for many businesses and companies that want to expand their audience reach and offer products and services online. Video can help establish trust, build a brand identity and engage with your audience too. But to do this well, your video needs to be top quality, and […]

3 features of an effective video interview

One of the most popular and effective forms of video content for your website, social media, or even your YouTube channel is a video interview. This can be in the form of a talking head video, a group interviewer, or even a Q and A session where you answer questions from the audience, either live […]

Do’s and dont’s of social media video production

Using Data to Influence Video Marketing

If your company or business is wanting to reach out or increase social media marketing, producing high quality video content can be a great option. Not only does video content attract up to 100% more attention than an image and text combined, but this also provides a great opportunity for you to really show off […]

Video content for product pages

If you are an eCommerce company, selling products online is usually your websites number one priority. And to grab the attention of potential customers, and to keep them browsing your website, you may need to consider using video content, particularly for product pages. But what type of video content should you consider? And what are […]

Important features for Q&A videos

Creating great video content is an effective way to deliver a message to your audience, grab attention, and promote your company branding. From explainer videos, to video interviews and testimonials, there are a number of different types of video that can be useful for different purposes. One popular type of video content is the question […]