Important tips for the people in your video content

If you have employees, colleagues, or actors, who will be starring as the face of your company in your commercial or corporate video content, you could experience more success, including click throughs, sales and signs ups, than a video without real people, and real faces. But this is a balancing act between using people effectively […]

How to produce believable testimonial video content

Testimonial video content can be one of the most effective types of video content for your website or your social media. Testimonial video involves your satisfied customer or client, talking about what they thought was great about your product or service, and how exactly your company made a difference to them. For any potential customers, […]

User expectations for video in email

guide to video marketing

When it comes to video marketing, the majority of companies have now taken the plunge in one way or another. Whether it’s a video for social media, or a video testimonial on the website, video is becoming increasingly common. And it is incredibly effective. But if you’re currently sitting on the fence, there is another […]

Advantages of working with a professional video production team

video shoot in progress in Manchester

Producing high quality video content for your company, or for video marketing online, is a key aim for many companies and businesses. But to get the best results, and for video that is truly top quality, you should consider working with a professional team. But why? and what kind of benefits can you expect from […]