Metrics for measuring the success of your video marketing

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Producing high quality, effective video content is a great way to build your brand, and potentially increase sales and signs up. But there are a lot of decisions to make. From deciding which type of video to create, to determining which platform to create content for, and why you want to create video content in […]

Video marketing goals for any business

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For any business, large or small, local or multi-national, video marketing can be a huge benefit. Professional video content can help your company to show off your services or your products, explain how your products or services work, or even let previous customers talk about how awesome you are. But producing video content, and marketing […]

Is professional video content worth the cost?

For many companies and businesses, profit margins can be tight. And for your business to grow and succeed, knowing what to put this profit into is a real challenge. Professional video production and marketing is one option available, that can bring a range of advantages to your company or business. But is professional video content […]

How could longer video content help your business?

We all know video content needs to be short, and to the point. From a 10 second Instagram Story, to a 2 minute Facebook video, short videos have been king of video for the last few years. And this short and sweet formula has worked really well for increasing brand awareness, and driving sales and […]

Could video marketing liven up your brand?

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For companies and businesses in all sort of industries, making a presence online is a big goal. But some companies feel that their company is just too boring, or dry, to appeal to a large audience. But could video marketing liven up your brand? Well, many companies like these actually opt to go without video […]

What type of video performs well on social media?

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For companies and businesses looking to make a connection, and an impression, online, video marketing can be very effective. But some videos are more effective than others, on particular platforms. And when thinking about video marketing, you can never overlook the importance of social media. But, what type of video performs well on social media? […]

Using video marketing for social proof

Social proof is something that every company should be trying to promote. It’s about showing your potential customers, what your previous customers think. As well as showing off just how popular your products or services are. One of the best ways of collecting and sharing social proof, is with video content. But what kind of […]

How can video marketing increase sales?

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Producing high quality video content can be a great way for companies and businesses, no matter their size, to increase their sales online. But why is video so effective? And will the reward of more sales, outweigh the cost of production? Well, the key thing to remember is that this video content needs to be […]

How can professional video content help to build your brand?

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Creating high quality, professional video content brings a whole range of advantages to your company. From potentially increasing sales, to growing your audience and improving your website, video content can cover a lot of bases. It can even help to build your brand. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video […]