Increasing product sales with “How to” videos

product demonstration video for dental industry

Video marketing can bring a range of advantages to any business or company. From increasing your audience range and reaching new potential customers, to driving traffic and increasing sales, professional video production, and professional video marketing, can be incredibly effective.  So how can video content help to increase product sales specifically? Well, here at Oh […]

How to use explainer videos for marketing

video shoot in progress in Manchester

As Manchester’s leading video marketing and video production experts here at Oh Video, we know a lot about the different types of video for businesses. From client testimonials, to training videos, we can produce stunning corporate and commercial video content for any business. One of the most popular options is the explainer video. So what is […]

Social Media and Video Marketing

video marketing

Video marketing is uniquely involved with social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat not only encourage video sharing but also provide the software to reach your community through video, for free. This type of relationship means that video marketing is becoming increasingly successful through social media platforms, but how can you ensure your video […]

Video Production: High Quality v Low Quality

white label video production

Maybe as little as two years ago there would have been no contest between high quality and low quality videos for the purposes of video marketing: high quality would have come out on top in every single regard. However, with the influx of smartphones and tablets capable of recording video content, egged on by the […]

Video location

video location

Choosing a location to set your video is a vital part of your planning process. A bad location can cause issues with audio clarity and visual distraction as well as creating difficulty understanding and extracting the overall message of the video. Any video you create reflects your company itself and as a result, video marketing […]

Practicalities of video production

Practicalities of video production

Video is one of the most popular and effective methods of marketing and is responsible for a large amount of business growth and development. Whether it’s allowing viewers to step into the day to day life of your employees, or its advertising a new product or service, providing practical advice or giving honest customer feedback […]

Make a great testimonial video

Make a great testimonial video

With more and more companies opting to film their client’s reactions and thoughts about their experience working with the company, testimonial videos have become more popular than ever. Watching someone speak about how they interacted with and found your service is a lot more believable and reliable for potential new clients to buy into, in […]

How to make the most of a video advertisement

video produced in Manchester City centre

Video advertisements are used constantly from our television sets to our social media platforms, our smartphones and our video content, stream billions of videos a day that are specifically created to sell a product. How can you make sure your company stands out amongst this sea of white noise? How can you make people want […]