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    2 Most Popular Video Types for Video Marketing Promotion


    Focusing your video marketing strategy on successful video types is a great way to create more interest in your company or business. This is even more successful when it comes to optimising your YouTube videos or channel. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s video marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the 2 most popular video types for video marketing promotion.

    Popular video types

    The most popular video types include product reviews, how to videos, and educational videos. These have been documented by rising search numbers and click through rates. As a result, it is clear that this is the content that your video marketing strategy should be focusing on.

    Product Reviews

    video types for video marketing promotion

    Whether your company is a local plumbing service, or a nationwide kitchen and bathroom specialist, product review videos are definitely something that you can provide. This will not only help direct searches to your website and boost your SEO, it can also help potential consumers make the decision to shop with your company.

    Consequently, you can begin by asking an existing or loyal customer to be involved in producing video feedback and reviews of some of your products. This is a great way for small businesses to add video content without breaking the budget.

    Alternatively, larger companies may search for an “influencer” to review their products or services. Influencers are available in almost every industry, and you should approach one that is well known in your relevant industry. As a result, their regular traffic will be linked to your website and your sales could soar.

    How-to videos

    This type of video is consistently growing and the searches for how to videos are constantly increasing. As a business, you should be looking at how your company can make the most of this trend.

    To succeed with how to videos, make sure you use data to influence your decisions. Find out the help topics that your consumers are wanting to find answers to, and then produce video content focused on answering this. As a result, your video content will pull in interested viewers and you will have the opportunity to convert more customers.

    In summary

    How to videos and product reviews are 2 of the most popular video types for video marketing promotion. They will each attract new customers and help your video content be seen. For more information or advice, contact the experts at Oh Video, Manchester, today.